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Posted By on July 27, 2015

take a break

By Michael Young

I’m sure most people have heard, or used the expression “take 5” at one point or another. All of us from time to time need to rest from our daily activities in order to continue moving forward productively with our lives. Although, a lot of people these days have trouble getting away from their busy schedules and what most people don’t think about is that being busy, and being productive are not always the same thing. In fact more often than not, when you are busy and not able to find time to rest, it is often a good indicator that you are not prioritizing your schedule properly.

I remember a while back, when I was on my way to a home group meeting held every Friday night with some of the members of my church. I was running late from work because it was the end of the week and I was trying to wrap up important matters that needed my attention. Now, my work is important because it is how I make a living, but finding time to rest is also important because it is essential to a healthy lifestyle. If we work ourselves to much without proper rest, than our productivity is guaranteed to drop and after enough time we end up with a giant mess, and that’s not good for anybody.

Where God is, on our priority list, is essential to our daily lives. If God is not at the top, we are almost certain to run into an even bigger problem called “burn out”. An example of this is the rocks, pebbles, sand and jar analogy which basically teaches us that the best way to organize priorities is by tackling big ones first. I remember a few months back feeling like I was approaching that point. I was working between Amazing Moments and Inspirational Pictures and both organizations were requiring a great deal of my time. I was trying so hard to keep things progressing for God that my time in God’s word started to decrease. You see if Satan can keep you so busy that you have almost no time to rest and absolutely no time for God, then he has successfully robbed you of the most precious thing we have been given which is a loving relationship with our Lord and Savior. If we distance ourselves from a constant contact with God, then we are sure to end up off the path that is God’s will for us.

When I got to home group that Friday night, I remember expressing to the group that I knew that God was taking me through a big transition. You see, our soul and our relationship with Christ is more important than any work God may call us to do. If our relationship goes cold, God will remove every distraction we have until it rekindles. I often have a problem with this because I am very persevering. My excitement for the things of God, sometimes leads me to run ahead of the Lord. As time has gone on, and I have grown in Christ, I have become better about waiting on God.

I was not the only one at the group that night with an ultra busy schedule. In fact, the exercise that night after a short video lesson was to find a quiet spot in the house where we could sit alone in prayer for 5 minutes with God. When I found my spot, I immediately fell into a relaxed state where I felt God’s peace come over me. I was surprised because I figured that I would be too restless to get anything out of the activity, but I was shocked when I found myself being able to slip right into the peace that we all so desperately need. I knew then how important it was to God that I not only be able to be brought to that place of peace within Him, but also be able to renew and maintain that connection to Him that is vital to our success and growth as Christians.

In closing, I would like to say that since that time, God has been trimming my schedule a bit so I can have more time to continue to build my relationship with Him. Moreover, He has also called me to begin doing more volunteer work with the youth at my church which excites me very deeply because it shows me the Lord’s progress in my life. I know in my heart that the giving of myself to others allows God to work in me as well to bring me closer to walking in the fullness of God for His glory. Praise Jesus for His greatness, and may the love of God be with you always.

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